Exceeding Your Expectations

Business Meeting

Finding Sellers

Finding a sincere seller who actually owns goods is now only possible for professional and very networked companies like IMS.

99.5% of all "sellers" in the market are fraudsters. That is why our relationships are worth gold for every buyer! We put you in touch with the right contacts and at the same time take the reins and lead you to a successful business deal, following our prosperous SOPs.

We are highly connected to 50+ sellers, including multiple 3M Distributors, production factory owners and re-sellers.

Finding Buyers

For sellers today, it is often a gauntlet to find real buyers. Far too many intermediaries cavort in the market and destroy it.

That is why it is important to sail in safe waters. With IMS you are well looked after right from the start and you will be sailing in precisely these calm waters while the storm is raging elsewhere. We show you where the true buyers are.

Business Meeting

Guidance in successful business deals from A to Z

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business deals to the next level.

Following our proven SOPs, adapting our flawless IMFPA's, essential contacts to and working with the most experienced attorneys, we ensure that each party is protected by internationally valid non-disclosure agreements, hence this results in the greatest possible chances of success.

We guide you from the very beginning to the succesful closing of your prefered eals.