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Standing Meeting

Connecting buyers and sellers

We only connect the best and most valid contacts: Buyers and sellers meet under guidance.

Following our SOPs, creating flawless IMPFA's, best contacts to highly experienced attorneys, we ensure that each party is protected by internationally valid non-disclosure agreements , hence this results in the greatest possible chances of success.

Casual Business Meeting

Cranberry and Cardinal Gloves, 1860 and other 3M masks. Production lines of gloves

Clients approach IMS with a clear idea of what they need. We sell from our stocks and from stocks of our partners. We also buy for us and our partners.

Cranberry, Cardinal and other gloves we have direct access to. Also for 1860 masks and other 3M masks. You may approach us for further details.

Often times our clients have everything they need to succeed, they just require the resources and support to make it a success.

With our expertise, we connect the buyer directly with the production company of gloves and guide both parties to a successful business deal.

Modern Work Space

Nano silver masks kids / adults, FFP2 masks, antibody and antigen test kits

We have connections to producers of nano silver masks and other goods.

The production factories for the test kits, also a unique testkit combing antibody and antigen are in China and we are in direct contact with it's mandate.

Stocks of Hotgen


Nano Silver Mask Kids and Adults OTG EU

Price: 1.30 Euro FOB, quantity up to 40 Mio OTG

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